Here it is, a new update to Rainy Days, still going strong :) In 2.1 I’ve added a couple of features:

  • On screen legenda, ranging from light to heavy precipitation (yes, finally!)
  • You can now search for a location, using the search key or the search option from the menu. This also allows for a lightweight form of bookmarking places, as your searches are remembered.
  • As for coverage, Guam was added.
  • For developers, you can now start Rainy Days with a desired location using an intent. Contact me for details if you want ’em.

Under the hood lots has been changed again to improve stability and make it possible to add new cool features which I’m working on.

Another change that I’m making is that Rainy Days will be ad supported as of today. The main reason for is simple: Rainy Days is costing me money. How much depends on the actual use of Rainy Days, but since the app gets more and more popular, the costs will rise and I need a way to at least partially cover those costs. In the past I’ve received some donations through paypal and the donation app, but while they are very much appreciated, the current rate of donations isn’t enough to be sort of sustainable. Thanks again to all of you who have donated!

For those of you who don’t want to see ads, there’s the option to upgrade from within the app for a small fee, which will disable the ads on all your devices forever. The next two weeks I’ll price the upgrade at only $0.99 cents. Sorry, I can not auto-upgrade those who have previously donated due to technical reasons, I hope you understand. Feel free to contact me for further details.

I hope you’ll like the new features! You can get the updated Rainy Days app from the Android market.