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Rainy Days 3 is here

It has been a while since Rainy Days got an update, but now the new version is available to all.

Rainy Days 3 is a complete rewrite of the app that I started in 2009. Things are moving pretty fast in Android so maintaining the old code base for the app became harder and harder, so I decided to start fresh.

The new version features a new design on all devices, Google Maps version 2 (with vector maps) and improved images when zoomed in. Over the last couple of weeks, some of you have already tried the new version in beta or as an early update. The feedback I got from that is incorporated in this update, and of course I will be improving Rainy Days over time.

I hope you enjoy the new version! Feedback is very welcome, just send me an email (see the app listing for that).

Check out Rainy Days in the Play Store

New updates for Rainy Days: Hello Australia!

I just released a new update of Rainy Days, my radar weather app for Android. This version adds a few new features that have been requested and adds Australia to the supported countries as well.

Here’s a list of the new stuff:

  • Animation length adjustable: you can now select short, normal or long lengths for the animation. Shorter will load faster, while long will show you more frames.
  • New gestures: swipe from bezel to quickly scrub through the animation, double tap, hold and up/down to zoom (like in the Maps app).
  • If your location is shown on the map, and you are moving, the map will now move too so you don’t need to scroll yourself
  • Other fixes and tweaks (performance, battery usage, etc).

I’ve also created a small video demoing the gestures:

As always, you can dowload Rainy Days from the Google Play Store, enjoy!

Rainy Days 2.3 released!

It has been a while since I’ve updated Rainy Days, but I think this update is a nice one ;)

In 2.3 I’ve added a few new features:

  • Sharing: you can now share the image you see in the app when you pause the animation
  • Updated layout for tablets and Android 4.0 devices
  • Hardware acceleration on devices that support it
  • New coverage: Alaska, Canada and Iceland. There’s even a composite showing US and Canada at the same time!
  • Futher tweaks and changes to make the app even faster

I’m very excited about the sharing option; now you can share the image to with your loved ones on Facebook, twitter, email! Just tap the screen once to pause, then select the share icon from the actionbar or use the menu to select the share option.

I mentioned the actionbar already. Rainy Days now fully supports the actionbar on Android 3.x and up. Previously it was already shown, but now the timestamp and the search, pause/play and share buttons are also shown in the actionbar. 

I hope you’ll enjoy this update. As always get it from the Google Play store.


Rainy Days eumetsat imagery currently offline

The imagery from the eumetsat source isn’t updating since yesterday 19:00 UTC, so unfortunately that means that Rainy Days currently is not displaying anything for the regions the eumetsat overlay covers. I hope this will be resolved soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: Things are back to normal again! 

Rainy Days 2.2.3

Rainy Days just passed the 400.000 downloads mark, amazing! To celebrate, here’s a little update that improves performance and fixes some bugs.

New in this version is that you can move the map when the animation is paused. To do that use two fingers to pan the map. Because this uses multitouch it will not work on all phones and may not work that well on some other phones which have limited multitouch support.

If you already have the app installed, the market should notify you soon of an update. If you don’t have Rainy Days, check it out in the market!

Edit: 2.2.3 unfortunately broke 1.5 & 1.6 support, which is fixed now in 2.2.4.

Rainy Days 2.2.1

I just pushed out Rainy Days 2.2.1 that fixes some important bugs. On slow connections Rainy Days would sometimes crash or hang. I’ve now fixed this so get the new version!

More updates

I’ve just released Rainy Days 2.2, a small update to fix some crashes that are reported. Also not all of you liked the on-screen legenda, so it can now be switched off from the settings.

I also like to thank all of you who support Rainy Days by buying the upgrade or just telling me how much you like the app! Really amazing!


Rainy Days 2.1

Here it is, a new update to Rainy Days, still going strong :) In 2.1 I’ve added a couple of features:

  • On screen legenda, ranging from light to heavy precipitation (yes, finally!)
  • You can now search for a location, using the search key or the search option from the menu. This also allows for a lightweight form of bookmarking places, as your searches are remembered.
  • As for coverage, Guam was added.
  • For developers, you can now start Rainy Days with a desired location using an intent. Contact me for details if you want ’em.

Under the hood lots has been changed again to improve stability and make it possible to add new cool features which I’m working on.

Another change that I’m making is that Rainy Days will be ad supported as of today. The main reason for is simple: Rainy Days is costing me money. How much depends on the actual use of Rainy Days, but since the app gets more and more popular, the costs will rise and I need a way to at least partially cover those costs. In the past I’ve received some donations through paypal and the donation app, but while they are very much appreciated, the current rate of donations isn’t enough to be sort of sustainable. Thanks again to all of you who have donated!

For those of you who don’t want to see ads, there’s the option to upgrade from within the app for a small fee, which will disable the ads on all your devices forever. The next two weeks I’ll price the upgrade at only $0.99 cents. Sorry, I can not auto-upgrade those who have previously donated due to technical reasons, I hope you understand. Feel free to contact me for further details.

I hope you’ll like the new features! You can get the updated Rainy Days app from the Android market.


Rainy Days testers wanted

I’m looking for testers for the upcoming 2.0 version of Rainy Days. If you like to help me test it, please drop me an email! You can find the address in the Android market. (Yes, consider that a test :))

Update: Thanks to everybody who has helped me test 2.0! I’ve just released the new version.

Rainy Days radar clutter

Currently US radar coverage is filtered a bit more in an attempt to reduce radar clutter. Please let me know if you think this is an improvement or not. Obviously I can’t go over there and check for myself :)