I just released a new update of Rainy Days, my radar weather app for Android. This version adds a few new features that have been requested and adds Australia to the supported countries as well.

Here’s a list of the new stuff:

  • Animation length adjustable: you can now select short, normal or long lengths for the animation. Shorter will load faster, while long will show you more frames.
  • New gestures: swipe from bezel to quickly scrub through the animation, double tap, hold and up/down to zoom (like in the Maps app).
  • If your location is shown on the map, and you are moving, the map will now move too so you don’t need to scroll yourself
  • Other fixes and tweaks (performance, battery usage, etc).

I’ve also created a small video demoing the gestures:

As always, you can dowload Rainy Days from the Google Play Store, enjoy!