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Rainy Days update

While I’m still working on the next version of Rainy Days, I just pushed out an update for Rainy Days 1.9.
On some devices the settings screen could not be accessed and I’ve fixed this in 1.9.1, with the help of Karl Pearson, who was so kind to report the bug and test the fix.

For several reasons work on Rainy Days 2.0 has been a bit delayed, but I’m making progress, more on that in the couple of weeks!

Update: I noticed some crash reports in the Market console which I have fixed in 1.9.2…and that broke other stuff, so now 1.9.3 is out :)

Rainy Days 1.9

Yet another update for Rainy Days, my weather radar application for Android! This update has a few new features and bugfixes.
First of all some display flickering that occured on the HTC Desire is now fixed. This also fixes any flickering you may have when running Froyo. I’ve also updated the app for Froyo (Android 2.2) so that you can choose to install the app on the sdcard.

For devices like the Nexus, Droid and HTC Desire I updated the menu icons so that they are of better quality. I also updated the application icon to make it more according to the Android icon design guidelines (judge for yourself if it worked out :))

Under settings there is now an option to access a few experimental features. One is smoothing of the animation that uses a fade effect. I got some mixed reactions on this from users so I decided to make it “experimental” and disable it by default. Let me know what you think! The other experimental setting disables the filtering of the radar images, which gets you more detail when you zoom in. The last option in the experimental section shows the status of the fallback mode that is in Rainy Days a few releases already, to help me diagnose problems more easily.

In the settings dialog you’ll also find an option to make a small donation by buying Rainy Days Donation. Donating is optional, Rainy Days is not cripled in any way if you don’t donate, I’m not forcing anything on you :)
As always there are many bugs fixed!

More screenshots are in my previous posts about Rainy Days.
You can download Rainy Days by scanning the barcode below, or by searching the Market for “Rainy Days”.

Rainy Days barcode

Rainy Days 1.7 released

Update: I’ve released 1.8 to fix a force close issue when loading the European overlay.

Another update to Rainy Days, my weather radar application for Android! This version features a few new options and fixes.

First of all, it is now possible to change the opacity of the clouds using the on-screen slider, for example if you like to see the map better. This is a per session setting, which means that the normal opacity is restored the next time you start the app.

There’s also a new option to show your location on top of the radar images if you like.

Another change is that Rainy Days is now scaling properly on high dpi devices like the Droid and the Nexus and on lower dpi devices such as the HTC Tatoo. Short summary: it should now look a little bit better :) Also, on high dpi devices the image quality for Scandinavia and the US will be slightly better, reducing blur that was in the previous versions. Rainy Days will automatically select the higher quality images if your device supports it.

I hope you like this new version! Also if you like other areas to be added, let me know!

More screenshots here

You can download Rainy Days from the market using the barcode below or my searching for Rainy Days.
Rainy Days barcode

Rainy Days 1.6

Another small fix, this time for Rainy Days. On certain devices such as the HTC Legend the display showed heavy flickering when “show my location” was enabled. Since I enabled this by default in 1.5, I figured that it was a good idea to fix this, so I replaced the standard MyLocationOverlay with my own.

Other than that, no new stuff :) Let me know if you like to have an area added to Rainy Days!

Rainy Days 1.5: Hawaii + Spain + small changes

I’ve released an update to Rainy Days, my Android application, now at version 1.5. Compared to the previous version this version adds some more coverage for Hawaii and Spain.

Besides some bugfixes I changed the top bar to indicate the progress of the animation, added some warnings if you have disabled network location, and made “show my location” enabled by default as some people didn’t see it in the settings screen.
To answer the question that I get asked most (“what do the colours mean”) I’ve included a description of the colors for the various regions in the help, to take care of that :)

For more screenshots see my post for the 1.4 version which also includes a demo video.

You can download Rainy Days from the market using the barcode below or my searching for Rainy Days.

Rainy Days barcode

Rainy Days force close errors

I’m getting some reports of Rainy Days force closing on start up. Usually this is related to custom roms which are missing some classes. On loading the Google Maps component, Rainy Days throws an error, causing the Force Close error.

From the above I hope that it is clear that this not a situation that I can fix as it is an issue with the ROM. See this thread on Android developers for more info: http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/browse_thread/thread/9781d2…

If you think you are seeing a different issue, let me know.

Rainy Days 1.4: Pause your Rain + USA coverage

I’m happy to announce a new update to Rainy Days! This version adds new features, improvements, more coverage and bugfixes. One of the new features is the so called stop-and-go mode, where you can pause the animation by tapping the screen once.
Once paused you just swipe left to go back in the animation (earlier) or swipe right to go forward (later). You can also use the trackball or the menu to control the animation.

I’ve also added “quick zoom” to quickly zoom in or out. The search key on the device can also be used for quick zooming.

Ofcourse I’ve also added new coverage: Rainy Days can now display the USA rainfall images and I also added the Balkan area.

I also made a small demo video and as some people say: I’d love to show it to you :) I have fun with this new version!

Market barcode:
Rainy Days barcode

Hello Scandinavia! Rainy Days update adds more coverage

I’ve released another update for Rainy Days in the Android market, this time adding Scandinavia coverage, courtesy of vaderradar.se.
This new version also has other improvements and fixes, like new about screens and better management of the download cache. Also credits for the images are now displayed on the map in the bottom right corner.

As usual here are some screenshots and the barcode for downloading the app from the market. Have fun and let me know if you like Rainy Days by rating it in the market for example.

Rainy Days barcode

Rainy Days in Scandinavia preview

Here’s a quick preview of the Scandinavian coverage in Rainy Days!


Updated Rainy Days availablity in the market

I’m getting some negative comments on the fact that there’s no rainfall image data available yet for a lot of places in the world. I hope you all understand that I’m doing this for free, in my spare time and that getting new image data is not as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of work into making the data show perfect on the maps, while dealing with the challenges of a resource limited device.

I understand however that some of you might be disappointed that Rainy Days is not (yet) working for your area, so I have now limited the availablity of my app to the countries that do have at least some coverage. As I add new coverage I’ll add more market locations.

Please do comment on this, because I really like to hear from you. Thanks!